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Pat’s Book

A compilation by Pat. R. Coleman


Living Our Best Life In Spite Of...

From the belly of the slave ship to corporate partnerships and familial relationships, overcoming is ingrained in black women’s DNA.

Overcoming is as natural for us as our natural hair defying gravity, and reminding us that our “crowns,” like us, are not to be held down.

“Overcoming…Living Our Best Life In Spite Of,” is a must read as it compiles the journeys of 33 powerful women from all walks of life who faced some of life’s toughest obstacles — poverty, discrimination, death, molestation, depression, and more — and triumphed over them all. Not only did they survive, they also thrived to become exceptional mothers, wives, prayer warriors, PHDs, entrepreneurs, CEOs, executive community leaders, and everything beyond.

Their bravery, vulnerability and authenticity will inspire you to reach within, step up and find your “overcoming” spirit, too.


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